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We teach how to choose health and empower people with the right knowledge to take responsibility for their health

We are a naturopathic organization focused on saving lives through the help of God and the wonderful healing powers of nature. We make use of unique natural healing therapies and help set the right preconditions for your body to heal itself.

Why You Should Choose Natural Healing

We treat the whole person and not just the disease. Our treatment touches the whole areas of a person which includes body, spirit, and emotions.

We don’t suppress symptoms as this has never really helped anyone. We treat the root cause of the disease and then the symptoms go away.

Natural healing will both heal you and improve your quality of life. There are no side effects and you will be happy with yourself afterwards.

Conventional method of treatment has failed us. Some of the treatment procedures like chemotherapy has been said to even kill faster than cancer itself.

Medical doctors don’t have answers to the many questions people have. Questions like why certain diseases occur and how to cure chronic degenerative diseases but natural healing has all these answers.

Natural healing is multifaceted. It is also non-invasive and gentle.

Why Choose Us

Our Speciality

We treat the following health conditions:

Degenerative disorders

• Cancer • Osteoporosis • Stroke

Neurological disorders (management)

• Epilepsy. • Down’s syndrome. • Autism. • Asthma.

Chronic disorders

• Irritable bowel syndrome. • Pneumonia. • Diabetes. • Ulcer. • High blood pressure. • Eye problems.

Sexual health

• Ovarian cysts. • Low sperm count. • Candida. • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). • Blocked fallopian tubes. • Hormonal imbalance.

Pain management

• Frozen shoulders. • Stiff neck. • Arthritis.

Other health issues

• Skin disorders. • Allergies, flu, and cold. • Weight problems. • Infections, both chronic and acute Immune support.

Faith Ebiojo David

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