Holisitc cancer treatment causes healing crises
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Cancers and tumors can be reversed naturally without drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, or other harsh man-made interventions but it is not a smooth journey.

You need to start this journey with a lot of patience, trust in the process, and discipline and consistency with your diet, therapy, and other protocols you are placed on.

When you patiently and religiously follow all your protocols and diet rules, you will start seeing great improvement. In one of our posts on healing crises, we gave the order of healing in natural medicine.

The Sequence of Natural Healing

In natural medicine, healing takes place in the following order:

At the second stage which is temporal aggravation is what we call “healing crises”, “herxheimer reaction”, “re-tracing”, “detox symptoms”, “Healing reactions”, and “dumping”.

During this process, the situation becomes worse and it this point, a lot of people discontinue the treatment thinking there are not getting better or the cancer is spreading.

If you stop treatment at this point, the disease has won and you’ve lost. But if you hold on and still forge ahead through this period, you will smile at last.

During this period, all your old symptoms will come back, even symptoms you’ve forgotten happened. This is because true and deep healing takes place in reverse order and only people who trust the process get healed.

True naturopathic healing takes place in the reverse order and that is what this post is all about. You will see how cancer forms in the body and how the body goes from bad to worse to replace the cancerous cells with healthy ones.

The Truth About True and Deep Healing

This is the ugly truth and the part that most people fear, but if you must heal deeply, you must experience this. Before you reverse cancer, you must re-experience all your old symptoms.

This is why healing crises is called Re-tracing and that’s how the human body heals. All your acute symptoms you suppressed with medication drugs, surgeries, radiations, etc. will surface.

If you suppress these healing crises, the cancer will win and you know what will happen if the cancer wins. This is why people undergoing chemotherapy and radiations do not last long.

If you want to handle cancer naturally, be prepared to develop your acute symptoms of toxemia again before you start seeing true healing. And you will re-experience these symptoms in the reverse order.

For easier understanding, I have divided cancer formation into 7 stages and from this, you can see how the body heals by reversing all these symptoms.

The 7 Stages of Cancer Development

The 7 stages of cancer development are:

  1. Stress

This stage is also known as ENERVATION. This is the beginning of cancer. Physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual stresses overcome the body and the immune system and prevent it from carrying out its functions.

They deplete the vital energy of your body and prevent your body from functioning normally. This is why it is not advisable to hold on to negative emotions or expose yourself to any form of chronic stress.

At Nature Cure Foundation, our cancer patients go through series of emotional detox to let out suppressed negative emotions and this re-activates the immune system to start working again.

  1. Toxemia

When you keep being in a state of constant stress, your body can’t function normally. When under stress, all your bodily functions are turned off and all your energy will be re-directed for fight-or-flight response.

This means digestion, absorption of nutrients, immune response, lung functions, elimination and detoxification all will be put on hold because your body thinks you are constantly under threat.

When this happens, your cells become starved of nutrients, water, and oxygen. They can’t eliminate their waste products also and they become highly toxic. Your internal terrain also becomes habitable to disease-causing microbes.

In this condition, your cells become anaerobic and start feeding on wastes and trying to keep the body clean. These anaerobic cells are the cancer cells and they spread to wherever they are wastes to digest.

  1. Irritation

As this continues to happen and you do nothing to stop it by removing the stress triggers, symptoms begin to surface. At this point, the anaerobic cells begin to unload their toxins at various points in the body.

It is at this point that symptoms start manifesting and you were supposed to help the process by stopping bad foods, drinking lots of water/fluid, and not suppress the symptoms.

But majority take drugs to suppress the message the body is trying to pass across. Long-term suppression of acute diseases or symptoms leads to chronic diseases as cancer.

  1. Inflammation

As you keep suppressing symptoms upon symptoms and refuse the body from expelling wastes, toxins, and other unwanted substances, inflammation occurs.

At this stage, there are lots of cancerous cells all around your body and your immune system has triggered inflammation to handle this.

The sick area of the body becomes tight, stiff, taut, rigid, tense, and even resistant to touch. It might even feel tense and rigid to palpation.

This happens because the body wants that sick part to rest and be immobile. You also feel pains and discomforts and this happens because the body doesn’t want you move the sick part.

Your body wants that part to rest, so it stimulates the nerves connected to the sick part. These overstimulated nerves trigger the skeletal muscles surrounding the sick part to go into protective spasms.

  1. Ulceration

At this stage, your body tries to excrete toxic and cellular wastes and survive by creating outlets in your skin where it can offload these wastes.

This is characterized by a break in the mucous membrane or skin, followed by the disintegration of surface tissues.

  1. Induration

Then, your body, in its unique wisdom, creates a bag or container to collect and put all these wastes so that they don’t kill you. This is what they call tumor.

This is triggered by the inherent intelligence of the body. Your body does this to survive and to prevent the toxins from contaminating contiguous tissues.

This is done to compress the toxic metabolic materials within the body cells. This tumor is formed to contain and quarantine the toxic wastes within the dysfunctional cells of the body.

The cells are also sealed off to protect the body and prevent the metabolic wastes and toxins from going to other parts of the body.

  1. Cancer

This is the final stage and at this time, it is now full blown cancer. At this point, your body’s inherent intelligence has been excessively stressed and unable to excrete metabolic wastes.

Holistic Treatment of Cancer and Healing Crises

Holistic treatment touches all aspect of the cancer patient. This includes the:

  • The spiritual aspect (Reconciliation to God)
  • The mental and emotional aspect (removing the thought pattern and emotional stress causing the problem). Our patients go through 24 tasks to get rid of this.
  • A change of Diet. When it comes to true and deep healing, nothing stands before diet.
  • A change of lifestyle, no more being sedentary, exercise, walking in nature, and exposing yourself to moderate sunlight must be factored into your daily activities.
  • Whole body detoxification. Healing can never take place in a dirty body. So you have to cleanse and fix your gut before your body can start responding to diet and supplements.
  • At this stage, you need higher doses of specific nutrients and you can’t get that from diet alone. This is where supplements come in.
  • The first medicine of humanity, highly powerful. You will also be given specific herb for various functions including shrinking tumors and healing open wounds.

When you stick faithfully to your protocol and you don’t contaminate your diet, you will successfully reverse cancer. But mind you that this takes time, so if you are looking for quick healing, natural medicine is not for you.

And when healing starts, the condition starts healing in the reverse order. At first, you notice a good improvement, and then it seems as if it is getting worse as all your old symptoms start surfacing.

After a while, you start seeing stabilized improvement. So don’t be scared or opt out of the treatment when your healing crises start. True and deep healing must trigger a healing crisis.

If you didn’t experience healing crises, you’re not healing and you will definitely run into a health crisis.

Medical Disclaimer

The information on this website is a collection of peer-reviewed studies, research, and real life observations. We are sharing this for you to be healthy and disease-free. Some of the information here are sensitive and also controversial. So we advise that you use your judgment and intuition. Also, the information here is just to educate and not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure diseases. Although this is protected under free speech, it is not advisable to use this as a substitute for professional medical advice. If you want to do anything stated here or handle your health issue naturally, do so under the supervision and direction of a naturopathic physician.

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