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A quote I love so much says “A neglect of cleanliness will induce disease”.

You must have heard the quote “cleanliness is next to Godliness”. This is true also from the health aspect.

If you want to have perfect health, you must practice cleanliness. In this post, I will be exposing ways to practice cleanliness in order to improve your health.

Importance of Cleanliness Health-wise

Wastes and toxins accumulate in the body for many reasons and detoxification (cleansing) is the best way to handle this.

In detoxification, your whole body is cleansed of toxins, heavy metals, waste products, and products of metabolism which the clogged or sluggish organs of detoxification could not handle.

Wrong diet, unhealthy lifestyle, and long-term intake of synthetics can make your organs of elimination sluggish or even clogged.

If these are not detoxed/cleansed, especially heavy metals and toxins, it can turn out disastrous in the future.

Your body hides some of these toxins in your fat cells and with time, if there are not detoxed, there will be used in building new cells and tissues.

This, in turn, leads to faulty body tissues which becomes diseased. This is how toxins cause diseases and even deaths.

The tips below will help you know how to practice cleanliness for your overall health.

5 Important Ways To Practice Cleanliness For Good Health

  1. Hydrate

Water helps to clean the internal environment and helps the lymphatic system do its job.

So, make sure that your water intake is more than your water loss. You can know how hydrated you are by looking at the color of your urine.

If you are dehydrated for a long while, it leads to congestion and accumulation of wastes in the body.

Ancient Egyptians believe that the cleansing internally is more important that the cleansing externally.

This is true as an accumulation of all these wastes lead to severe diseases and deaths.

While it is hard for dirt and germs to come into the body except you have a broken skin or drink or eat contaminated foods.

Regular intake of clean drinking water will help eliminate wastes and other unwanted substances from your body thereby keeping it clean.

  1. Bath and brush

Sponge bathing and even soaking in water helps clean the skin. Your skin is an organ of elimination. It discharges wastes and toxins through its pores especially when we sweat.

When you don’t bath, your clogs can get pores and this can lead to skin problems and dull complexion.

Try and have your bath at least once a day. Twice a day (in the morning and at night before going to bed) would be awesome.

Also brushing your teeth and scrubbing your tongue boosts not just your oral health but your overall health.

Oil pulling is also another powerful way to clean your entire system and not just your mouth only.

  1. Juice fast

Another important way to hydrate your body, cleanse its internal terrain, and increase the supply of nutrients to your overall body.

Nutrients detoxify and a good way to get them do the job fast is to stop eating and go a juice fast for a few days.

This will clean your internal system and revamp your overall health. You will even notice the effect on your skin as you will be glowing.

  1. Enema

Life and death starts in the colon. If your colon is dirty and clogged, you are feeding death, if it is clean and free of accumulated wastes, you are feeding life.

If you’ve never cleaned your colon before, you should consider doing a colonoscopy or an enema.

It is safe to do enema once weekly and twice daily in cases of therapeutic fast or when treating an illness.

As you clean your colon regularly, you will notice a lot of improvement in your health and even your skin conditions.

  1. Wash your clothes

We perspire and release a lot of toxins and impurities from inside of our bodies through the skin and they stay on your clothes.

If you don’t wash your clothes and you keep wearing them, your body will re-absorb these toxins and this can make you sick.

So, always try to wash your clothes after wearing once or highest twice. If your cloth has an odor, don’t wear it again until you wash it.

These are ways you can practice cleanliness. Then you can be sure of Godliness and good health.

Is there any other way you know we can practice cleanliness for good health?

Medical Disclaimer

The information on this website is a collection of peer-reviewed studies, research, and real life observations. We are sharing this for you to be healthy and disease-free. Some of the information here are sensitive and also controversial. So we advise that you use your judgment and intuition. Also, the information here is just to educate and not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure diseases. Although this is protected under free speech, it is not advisable to use this as a substitute for professional medical advice. If you want to do anything stated here or handle your health issue naturally, do so under the supervision and direction of a naturopathic physician.

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