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Giving gifts is part of humanity, we cannot do without it. Humans are creatures of love and there is no love without giving.

Even the Holy Bible says “For God so loved the world and he gave…”. Love and giving gifts are inseparable. The festive seasons are here again and you might be wondering what to give to your loved ones.

You might have a health-conscious person as a friend, lover, or family member, and you are thinking of what to gift them.

It might be that you are a health fanatic and you are thinking of what to gift your loved ones to instill a healthy lifestyle in them.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We will be giving you a lot of wonderful gift ideas that promote healthy living and diet among people you love.

Reasons Why We Give Gifts

  • It’s a subtle way of expressing your emotions
  • It tells your loved one that you love and care for them
  • Your gifts tell people that you appreciate their roles in your life
  • Regular gifts tell your loved ones that they are always on your mind
  • Giving your parents gifts gives them the hope and assurance that you will take good care of them
  • Gifts help us express our love, appreciation, and feelings
  • By giving gifts, you make your loved ones feel special
  • Your gift can encourage your loved one
  • Gifts can also help ease the guilt you feel towards your loved one.

Wonderful Healthy Gifts Ideas

  1. The Holy Bible

Spiritual health is far more important than even physical health. Proverbs 18:14 says “the spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity…”.

One of the ways to build up your spirit and maintain spiritual health is bible reading and a close relationship with God.

You will be pointing to the importance of spiritual health when you gift your loved one’s bibles.  

  1. Juicer/Blender

These apparatus are a must-have for health-conscious people or people who want to change their present health status.

With a juicer or a blender, your loved one can eat whole vegetables and fruits in a way that the body can easily digest or absorb.

It makes cooking easier and also instills the culture of taking at least one raw meal in a day.

  1. Air fryer

Fried foods are a no-no for people who want to live healthy lives. If you have a loved one that is still hooked on fried foods, giving them this as a gift will help them reduce their intake of fried foods.

  1. Flowers

Flowers are used to express emotions and in soul healing, this is a wonderful gift.

Flowers are used to express love, sadness, regrets, and also to ask for forgiveness.

A beautiful flower with an amazing scent and a short note telling your loved one how you feel about them will make your bond stronger.

  1. A quality water container

Water is life. He who brings water brings life.

Humans are at high risk of dehydration. We lose about 8 cups of water daily just by breathing. And for most people, their water intake is less than their water loss.

Over time, this can lead to chronic dehydration thereby setting the stage for chronic diseases that modern medicine might not be able to diagnose or cure.

Prevention, they say, is better than cure.

One way to help your loved ones is to gift them a quality water bottle that they can carry to work, the gym, or anywhere they go.

This will help them take regular sips of water thereby preventing chronic dehydration.

  1. Portable medical diagnostic tools

If your loved one is having a medical condition like hypertension, diabetes, or gout. You can gift them a blood pressure monitor, glucometer, or a small device that can check their levels of uric acid.

These devices come in various shapes and sizes for easy mobility. Your loved one will appreciate this and it shows that you care about what they are going through.

  1. Exercise mats

Exercise is a must for healthy people as sickness can only thrive in a sedentary body. One way to encourage your loved ones to pick up exercise is to gift them a quality mat.

  1. Wellness journal

This special gift will help imbibe the culture of healthy eating and exercise in the person you care about.

Every day of the year, there are spaces for the person to write about their wellness journeys, goals, and achievements.

  1. Wander puzzles

Our generation is glued to screens, from the mobile phone to the TV. We are always looking at screens.

One way to help your loved one take a break from the screen and save their eyesight is to distract them with an interesting game that doesn’t have any connection with gadgets or screens.

  1. Anti-blue light glasses

As said above, constant interactions with screens are not good for the eyes because of the blue light these gadgets emit.

One way to protect the eyesight of your loved one is to get them a quality anti-blue light glass with at least 90% protection.

  1. Essential oil diffuser

Aromatherapy is a wonderful branch of natural medicine. It gives instant relief to sleeplessness, pains, headaches, anxiety, stress, restlessness, and even anxiety disorders.

If you have a loved one suffering from any of these, this will be a perfect gift for them along with the perfect choice of essential oil.

  1. Healthy cookbook

So many people want to eat healthily but they don’t know how to go about it. A healthy cookbook with correct information written by an expert will go a long way for such persons.

  1. Herbal teas and supplements

This is an investment you are making in the life of your loved one. There will cherish this and when they see the effect on their bodies, they might continue buying it.

  1. Trampoline

The lymphatic system is almost a forgotten part of the human body but it is very important. Most cancers start with lymphatic congestion and one way to keep your lymph moving is to bounce on a trampoline.

If your loved one is battling with any degenerative disease, this will be a perfect gift for that person.

  1. Eye masks

Quality eye masks take off pressure and headaches and help a person sleep well by blocking out light.

  1. A set of glass pots

What we cook in is also very important as what we eat. Aluminum pots should be discarded by anyone who loves health and doesn’t want to come down with Alzheimer’s disease.

Stainless steel pots are not that healthy also because they contain nickel which impairs metabolic functions. Glass pots are the safest for now.

This will be a perfect gift for your mom.

  1. Mindfulness cards

These cards remind one to be in the moment. It helps curtail stress and anxiety. If you have a loved one suffering from an anxiety disorder, this is the perfect gift for them.

  1. Alarm clock

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man strong and healthy. A good alarm clock that reminds one of bedtime and waking up is a wonderful gift.

  1. Organic body care products

Most of the toxins in our bodies get in through our skincare and hair care products. Most of these chemicals are deadly and are the leading causes of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

A way to help your loved ones is to gift them a 100% natural body care product and educate them on the dangers of using chemical-based products.

  1. An enema kit

Life and death start in the colon. Also, 80% of our immune system is found in your colon.

There are years of wastes and toxins weighing about 60 pounds in the colon of most “healthy people”.

 An enema kit will help your loved ones clean their colon and enjoy improved health and wellbeing.

  1. Deep muscle massager

There are portable machines you can get in a good health store or order online that helps in massaging.

This relieves stress, improves muscle functions, and even reduces pain.

  1. Gym bag

Is your loved one an exercise freak? Or do you want to support your loved one in gyming?

A quality gym bag where he/she can pack all their stuff in will be a perfect gift for them. It makes going to the gym and coming back easier.

  1. Portable treadmill

Walking says Hippocrates, is man’s best medicine. For people who can’t afford to walk long distances outside their homes, this will be a perfect gift.

  1. Jogging/running shoes

A loving way to encourage a loved one in their health journey is to gift them a quality pair of running or jogging shoes. They will appreciate this.

  1. Quality coffee

Excess coffee is bad but it is also healthy when taken in moderation. There are good brands of coffee, both caffeinated and decaffeinated that you can gift your loved one.


Being a health fanatic or having one in your life is a good thing. But when it comes to giving gifts, a lot of people don’t know what to get for a health nut.

A health-conscious individual also might be having a tough time deciding which healthy gift to get for their friends or loved one.

I hope this post solves all that problem for you.  


Medical Disclaimer

The information on this website is a collection of peer-reviewed studies, research, and real life observations. We are sharing this for you to be healthy and disease-free. Some of the information here are sensitive and also controversial. So we advise that you use your judgment and intuition. Also, the information here is just to educate and not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure diseases. Although this is protected under free speech, it is not advisable to use this as a substitute for professional medical advice. If you want to do anything stated here or handle your health issue naturally, do so under the supervision and direction of a naturopathic physician.

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