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13 Top Daily Secrets of Super-Healthy People

I remember years back when I suffered from daily fatigue. I envied people who had the power to do what they wanted. Sickness was a regular visitor I had to deal with.

I had terrible mood swings and foggy thinking. I always wondered why some people were healthy and others weren’t. But I got my answers a few years later.

The difference was in their daily habit, lifestyle, and choice of foods. As I factored these changes into my lifestyle and diet, I also became super-healthy.

I will be sharing some of the secrets of super-healthy people with you in this post. Sit back and enjoy your reading and make sure you put what you are about to read into practice.

Daily Secrets of Super-Healthy People

  1. They have standards they are not shy of

I have friends that have a strict diet they follow and they let everyone around them know. This helps them not to compromise on any issue or try to please anyone or try to fit in.

I also do this. My inner circle knows what I take and what I don’t. So, if you know soft drinks are bad for you and you want to stop it, a good way to go about this is by letting your friends know.

Believe me, they will help keep you in check. They will remind you always by teasing you about it. Make your health your priority and do not apologize for that.

  1. They have a strict diet

A famous quote I love says: “I don’t know what the father of disease is, but a bad diet is the mother of all diseases”. Your food is everything, it can make you or break you.

When it comes to the prevention and treatment of diseases, nothing stands before diet. If you want to be a super healthy person, you must scrutinize your diet well and eliminate all unhealthy foods.

Stick only to healthy foods and liquids and watch your health transform. Healthy foods are gotten from the earth and not from cans and packages with preservatives for long shelf-life.

Super-healthy people also know that overeating is bad. They know it’s the quality that matters and not the quantity and they don’t also eat late at night.

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  1. They are conscious of hydration

Super-healthy people know the importance of water in the body. They don’t joke with hydration as they know that chronic dehydration is behind most chronic diseases.

They are conscious of the type and quantity of water they drink. They also avoid dehydrating drinks like soft drinks and other processed drinks that cause obesity, inflammation, and other health conditions.

There are some days, when I know I will stay out for too long, I go along with my water bottle filled with water or lemon water.

  1. They don’t joke with exercise

Super-healthy people know that things go wrong in their bodies when sedentary. They know the impact of exercise on the mind and body. Even in their busy schedule, they still look for a chance to exercise.

What I do more is walk, I try to do that daily. An hour of walking daily will add 7 years to your lifespan.

  1. They don’t smoke

Even the cigarette company warns that smokers are liable to die young. So, why do you want to die young? I heard someone once say that he is not here to live long but to live well.

And looking at what he calls “living well” is a hazardous lifestyle. The funny thing about this is that when sickness or death comes, this type of person cries out the loudest.

They become desperate to live and are willing to do anything it takes. Many think death is a gentleman, he comes and speaks sweet words to you, then you close your eyes and just die.

Honestly, I wish it were so. Death comes with pains, excruciating one for that matter. It comes with unbearable symptoms that many suffer before they eventually pass on.

For some, it might be too late to save them while others are given a second chance.

  1. They are open to learning something new

One thing that keeps your brain healthy is learning new skills. You can look for ways to be creative or enroll in a dance class or a workshop.

These mental activities will slow the process of aging and even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. When I started becoming healthy, my interest in learning new things skyrocketed.

I enrolled in web and graphic design classes, writing classes, and intense studies on natural health.

  1. They don’t joke with sleep

If there is one thing my friends know me for is that I love sleeping. Well, in the past, I struggled with sleep. Insomnia was my nightmare but when I started healing, it became easy for me to fall asleep easily.

There are many benefits sleep bestows. It sharpens memory, maintains a healthy weight, reduces your risks of chronic diseases, and extends lifespan.

If you want to be a super-healthy person, sleep well. Try and have at least 8 hours of night sleep daily.

  1. They enjoy nature

I am an introvert and I was always in the hiding lol. I was shy/afraid of large gatherings and my definition of a large gathering was just 1 person I didn’t know.

This hiding nature of mine didn’t allow me to get much sunlight, breathe in fresh air, see the world, and make new friends. But as time went on, that has reduced a bit and I interact with nature more these days.

I now sunbath daily, sometimes I sun gaze, I tend a garden, I stay outside most times when I am less busy to breathe in fresh air, I watch the birds fly, watch how leaves dance to the rhythm of the wind and just admire nature.

And all these have tremendous health benefits.

  1. They are in control of their emotions

Super-healthy people don’t let their emotions control them, they control it rather. They also don’t deny the existence of an emotion/feeling, they acknowledge it, accept it, and look for healthy ways to change it.

They don’t give room to grudges or store hurts in their heart. The field of body-mind medicine tells us that the mind and body are closely related and every thought shows on the body either as health or diseases.

Accumulation of all these bad thoughts causes diseases. So healthy people don’t let hurt reside in them for long. They forgive or confront when necessary but don’t give it space in their heart.

The Holy Bible says “Be angry but sin not”, It also said, “do not let the sun go down on your anger”. Anger isn’t a bad emotion, it only becomes bad when you let it linger in you.

You can channel anger in the right direction and achieve great things. For instance, let’s say your boss sacked you for no reason, you can channel that anger and start your company than letting it eat you up.

Or your boyfriend dumped you because you are extra-large, use that anger and lose weight, eat healthily, and imbibe a healthy lifestyle.

  1. They always look at the positive side of things

You must have heard the saying that “there is a silver lining in every cloud”. This is so true. Life is a mixture of good and bad, sweet and bitter, light and darkness, etc.

What you choose to focus on matters because you will see more of that. No matter how bad a situation is, there is always a good side to it.

I remember reading on placebo a few months back and there was a study discussed in the book. This study involved military men in the war front who had serious injuries.

Some soldiers didn’t feel pain because they saw the wound as a good wound. They saw it as an opportunity to leave the war front and be reunited with their families. They were happy for the wound and because they focused on the bright side, their bodies released serotonin, a powerful natural painkiller.

Other soldiers who focused on the negative side had excruciating pains and they had to be placed on morphine injections. While some soldiers in the first group did not even need painkillers.

Super-healthy people also express gratitude always, to God, to the people in their lives, and for everything. And remember that to be happy, you have to surround yourself with happy people.

  1. They carry out routine detox

Super-healthy people know that we are living in a sea of toxins in our world today. Even with their strict diet and all that, they still find time to do routine detox.

This includes a colon cleanse, liver cleanse, digestive cleanse and even detox from electronics and social media. All these improve health in many ways.

  1. They have sex

If done in the right ways, like in the confines of marriage, sex is a powerful healer. It reduces stress, heals migraines, lowers blood pressure, boosts your mood, and many more.

However, be careful of casual sex and multiple sexual partners, these bring infections and other health complications. Over-indulgence is also dangerous.

Just listen to your body and don’t go above your limit.

  1. They don’t suppress or manage symptoms

Super-healthy people know that their body is a living organism and it speaks to them. They know the language of their body, they know that the body speaks through pains, headaches, coughs, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, fatigue, diarrhea, nasal congestion, sore throat, body aches, loss of appetite, headaches, chills, respiratory issues, loss of taste or smell, etc.

They know that the body is trying to say something and they try to fix the root cause instead of swallowing pills or undergoing surgery to suppress the voice of their bodies.

These are messages from your body. In natural medicine, we call them “healing responses”, they are not to be suppressed but helped. They are like the danger signs erected on the wrong part, and instead of making a U-turn, some remove the danger signs (suppress symptoms with drugs) and continue erring until it becomes almost late or too late.

The constant use of drugs to suppress these messages results in all kinds of chronic diseases. What a super healthy person do is to find out what the message (symptom) is trying to pass.

Is it a toxicity crisis, nutritional deficiency, dehydration, infection, or emotional trauma, or stress? When the root cause is fixed, the symptom goes away.

  1. They have a personal relationship with God

Having a personal relationship with God is important for health. Super-healthy people know this and they try to keep the relationship with the creator on-going.

I believe what happens is that at every fellowship, your maker checks you, repairs what needs to be repaired, heal you of any condition, and blesses your physical body.

Even the Holy Bible told us of the close fellowship between God and man in the beginning, how he came down every evening to man. I love the way Job puts it.

Job 10:8-12 (KJV)

Thine hands have made me and fashioned me together round about; yet thou dost destroy me.

 Remember, I beseech thee, that thou hast made me as the clay; and wilt thou bring me into dust again?

Hast thou not poured me out as milk, and curdled me like cheese?

Thou hast clothed me with skin and flesh, and hast fenced me with bones and sinews.

Thou hast granted me life and favour, and thy visitation hath preserved my spirit.

Another benefit of constant fellowship with God:

Job 33:25-26 (KJV)

His flesh shall be fresher than a child’s: he shall return to the days of his youth: (I call this reverse aging lol).

He shall pray unto God, and he will be favourable unto him: and he shall see his face with joy: for he will render unto man his righteousness.

14. They are contagious

Super healthy people love to see other people healthy. They correct the dietary mistakes of their friends and family members, they use every opportunity they have to educate people on diet and lifestyle.

When people see how you are living your best life, they would want to be like you.

I have enjoyed all these secrets and reaped many benefits. If you want to be a super-healthy person, you should try imbibing some of these secrets in your lifestyle.

Medical Disclaimer

The information on this website is a collection of peer-reviewed studies, research, and real life observations. We are sharing this for you to be healthy and disease-free. Some of the information here are sensitive and also controversial. So we advise that you use your judgment and intuition. Also, the information here is just to educate and not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure diseases. Although this is protected under free speech, it is not advisable to use this as a substitute for professional medical advice. If you want to do anything stated here or handle your health issue naturally, do so under the supervision and direction of a naturopathic physician.

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