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Self-isolation has been forced on everyone. It’s no news that a third part of the world is on total lockdown due to the COVID19 epidemic. And everyone is advised to self-isolate so that they can tame the virus.

It is possible that you are on self-isolation right now. This post is to help you live healthy even when confined to the 4 walls of your room. We don’t know how long this might take but just a day of wrong living can have a long impact on your health.

I have compiled at least four mistakes you should avoid. These will ensure that you still live a healthy life and not increase your risks of health problems after this lockdown is over.

4 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Sedentary lifestyle

It can be tempting to stay in bed all day or sit on the sofa all day when self-isolating. Don’t do this, a sedentary lifestyle is a killer. It reduces the levels of oxygen in your body, it makes you grumpy and moody.

When you sleep or lie at a particular place for hours, your intake of oxygen is reduced. You start breathing shallowly. This can even increase your risk of cancer.

In 1931, Otto Warburg converted healthy cells to cancerous cells by depriving them of 35% of their oxygen in 48 hours. He described cancer as an oxygen deficiency.

He received a Nobel Prize for this discovery. Movement and mild exercises will increase your intake of oxygen. It will boost your mood and reduce your risks of cancer.

It also aids the accumulation of toxins in your body. In Father Kneipp’s teachings, he encouraged movement for the detoxification of waste products and toxins from the body.

Wastes and toxins are one of the leading causes of diseases in natural medicine. Make your self-isolation full of activities, get involved in house chores, do mild aerobic exercises, walk around your hose, dance, and play with your kids or family members.

Just try and look for ways to move your body. This will help your body detoxify and increase your intake of oxygen. Encourage your children too to be active. Don’t force them to be at a place for a long time.

You should also practice deep breathing regularly. This helps to increase your intake of oxygen.

  1. Overeating

It is no news that people eat more when at home. If you are not careful and if you didn’t choose your foods wisely, you might end up getting fat and also having nutritional deficiencies.

During self-isolation, you need to stock up on healthy foods and not junks and highly processed foods. Junks, sugary foods, and processed foods will make you hungrier.

They are also called “empty-calorie” foods because they do not offer anything to your body. Rather they increase your risks of malnutrition and they deplete your energy levels.

These unhealthy foods also make your immune system weak. The reason for this lockdown is for a viral epidemic. This means that you need a strong and alert immune system more now than ever.

Natural and whole plant-based foods will boost your immune system and reduce your risks of coming down with this viral infection. These foods also keep you feeling full for hours thereby reducing your food intake and controlling weight gain.

You need to take in lots of green smoothies. This will keep you feeling full for hours. They also fortify your immune system and put it on red alert.

Plant-based proteins like beans and other legumes also prevent one from being hungry frequently. They spend about 4 hours in your stomach.

Avoid sugar, sugary foods, and drinks, milk, excess red meat, canned and processed foods, foods made with white flour. Take in lots of natural whole plant-based foods.

Train your kids to eat healthily and they won’t bother you always cause of hunger. Get our free meal guide here.

  1. Avoiding sunlight

Self-isolation should not prevent you from benefiting from sunlight, one of the freest and most effective natural cures. Just like plants, humans too need sunlight for optimum health and survival.

Sunlight is the freest and most effective source of vitamin D. vitamin D boosts your immune system. It makes your white blood cells more active.

It energizes your T cells and makes them more alert. This will help fight infections like COVID19 and it mobilizes a healthy immune response.

Sunlight has other impressive health benefits like promoting strong and healthy bones, ensuring proper hormonal balance, increasing fertility, and so on.

Sunlight will also prevent you from coming down with depression. Seasonal depression is diagnosed more in winter and harmattan seasons when there is less sunshine.

This is because sunlight helps the body produce serotonin, the happiness hormone. Less of serotonin leads to depression and extreme deficiency of serotonin leads to suicidal behaviors.

So don’t stay indoors all day. Come outside during sunrise and sunsets and get at least 15 minutes of sunshine. You can sunbathe or sun gaze. These are proven ways of practicing heliotherapy.

  1. Idleness

You must have heard this famous quote “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. Don’t let your mind be the workshop of the devil this period. There are lots of ways you can be productive while indoors.

  • You can read books. This will educate you and broaden your mind. You can pick books on any filed/niche you want to develop yourself.

Good books can be found in finance, money management, marriage and relationships, natural health, gardening, fashion, history, etc. My journey to natural health started with reading.

You might be wondering how to get to the bookshop and get books in this lockdown. You don’t have to worry. We are in the information and technology age. There are lots of free libraries online where you can find any book of your choice.

I also have an app that never lets me get bored. There are millions of books there on any topic. The app is any books.

  • You can learn skills online. There are many short courses online you pick. There are also courses in natural health also. This will broaden your knowledge. You will come out of self-isolation with added knowledge.
  • You can re-arrange your home. You know you’ve always wanted to do this but always say time is not on your side. Now you have all the time in the world.
  • You can plant a garden. My mum, siblings, and I did this last week. We cleared a little space in our front yard and prepared it for planting when the rain starts falling. It was interesting and fun.

You can also homeschool your kids during this time. Don’t let them stay idle. You can tell them to draw and the winner gets a gift. Give them a storybook to read.

Give them books that will trigger their curiosity. Allow them to play in the front yard in nature. This will promote their mental functions and reasoning skills.

These are ways you can make your self-isolation a worthy moment. There is always a silver lining in every unpleasant situation that happens. You can see this if you have the eyes of gratitude.

You can also create your silver lining through your activities, thoughts, emotions, and words. Self-isolation does not have to be boring and annoying.

Make every moment worth it while you watch your lifestyle and diet. And most importantly, keep fears and negative emotions and thoughts far from you.

They weaken your organ and make your body unable to heal itself. Fear wrecks your immune system and makes you susceptible to any infection.

Stay woke, stay safe, stay happy, stay motivated, stay busy, stay moving, stay eating well, stay laughing, stay accumulating knowledge. God bless you.

Medical Disclaimer

The information on this website is a collection of peer-reviewed studies, research, and real life observations. We are sharing this for you to be healthy and disease-free. Some of the information here are sensitive and also controversial. So we advise that you use your judgment and intuition. Also, the information here is just to educate and not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure diseases. Although this is protected under free speech, it is not advisable to use this as a substitute for professional medical advice. If you want to do anything stated here or handle your health issue naturally, do so under the supervision and direction of a naturopathic physician.

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