Why oncologists don't use alternative cancer treatments
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“So, Ebi, if alternative cancer treatments really work and are without adverse side effects, why don’t oncologists and hospitals use them?”

I get asked this question almost on a daily basis as a practitioner of natural medicine. And I am almost tired of talking on this same issue.

So, I thought of putting my replies to this question in a blog post and just send the link or refer someone to this post whenever I get asked. LOL. Work has to be easy and fun right? Yeah!

Reasons Why Oncologists Don’t Use Alternative Cancer Treatments

Here are some of the reasons most conventional doctors or hospitals and cancer clinics don’t recommend or use alternative cancer treatments.

1. Doctors are legally prohibited from using alternative cancer treatments

The NMA (Nigerian Medical Association) and other governing bodies control and regulate the practices of doctors. They are not allowed to recommend treatments that have not been “approved”.

And the reason they’ve not approved natural treatment is that they cannot patent herbs and natural things like sunlight, herbs, and water LOL.

Any treatment that does not bring big profit to big pharma and other large industries they are associated with won’t be approved. They will automatically label it an “alternative”.

Doctors can face legal cases if they try to recommend an alternative cancer treatment for their patients. They can’t do this even if they know that this treatment will give their patients the best chance of recovery.

Many high and respected doctors have tried this and lost their license. Others were thrown into jail. So due to these risks, conventional doctors can’t recommend this even if they know it works. Don’t even expect this from them.

2. Most don’t have adequate knowledge of alternative cancer treatments

Conventional doctors don’t have any education on alternative cancer therapies. There are virtually no references to alternative or natural medicine in their medical school training.

Alternative treatments for cancer are totally lacking in their medical journals. Medical school curriculum and journals are tightly controlled by pharmaceutical companies.

Despite this, more and more conventional doctors are beginning to grasp what natural medicine truly is and some have taken bold steps to add alternative treatments to their practices.

3. Pride or maybe they feel threatened

Another reason I feel and I have even experienced this. I have had discussions with some of these conventional practitioners and they just don’t want to believe or accept the fact that something simple as natural therapy offers amazing results than their complex and invasive procedures.

Some feel emotionally threatened to accept this fact. They find it difficult to acknowledge that this alternative therapy works better for cancer patients who are terminally ill.

This is why most of them deny this reality. They can’t just agree that their procedures are painful, wrecks the whole body and even damage the immune system, the very system that cancer patients need more than ever to recover.

There is no hope of recovery if the immune system is damaged. So treatment shouldn’t weaken this but strengthen it the more, and I am afraid that it’s only natural treatments that do this.

Pride, ego, and even anger are not the best ways to handle this situation. How do you feel as a doctor if all your patients die of your treatment and not the disease? Or you eliminate the tumor but the patient goes also? And at the end, you say, “Well the tumor wasn’t there anymore”. That doesn’t mean the treatment worked.

As a doctor, you have to figure out if there are other ways to do this. I strongly believe education is different from programming. If you are educated, and not programmed, you should be able to reason and make research. Dare to venture into other fields.

Every good doctor who truly care for people should look for better ways to help their patients.

4. A lot of these doctors also suffer from disbelieve factor

A lot of people out there doubt natural therapies and doctors are also among them. This belief factor is why I get asked this question regularly by different people:

“If alternative cancer treatments really work, why are doctors and hospitals not using them?” Many conventional doctors feel this way too and even ask this question but in a different way.

They be like: “If these alternative therapies really work, why wasn’t I taught them in medical schools and why am I not seeing them in any medical journals?”

These are some of the reasons why alternative cancer treatments are not offered by oncologists. But because they are not used or approved doesn’t mean they don’t work.

Right now, Google and social media are being used to suppressed natural health blogs like this one. They claim that they are “protecting” the public from quacks and unscrupulous health claims. Check Here and Here for proves.

Well, my joy is that why they keep fighting, natural medicine keeps getting stronger and stronger. It is even the medicine of the future, the Holy Bible states this.

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